HomeCare Maintenance

Adanfopa HomeCare Maintenance Package


This package is for pet parents who want to stay on a consistent schedule and also want to keep their pets' coats long and healthy. This will keep the coat of their dogs & cats and eliminate body odor on their pets.

They achieve this by keeping their pets on a weekly/every two weeks grooming schedule. This service ensures that the pet coat does not matt but grows and shines steadily.

Enjoy these amazing benefits

  • Weekly home grooming visit for 4 weeks or every 2 weeks grooming visit within a month.
  • Nail Filling and clip
  • Coat Trimming (Hair cut or trim)
  • Pet is given a high-grade mouth wash / breathe spray to give fresh breath. Teeth brushing and breath spray is an important part of pet dental hygiene
  • High quality ear cleaner to eliminate ear odour
  • Professional shampoo, conditioner & facial cleaner to remove tear stains (High quality shampoo and conditioner for pet coat, our shampoo will remove dirt, ensure coat shine & condition coat will keep it always hydrated and facial cleanser that can help reduce tear stains)
  • Dematting /complete shave if 50% of pet coat is matted (Dematting is offered, however, if the pet coat is over 50% matted it will have to be


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