Could This Drug Help Our Dogs Live Longer? Researchers Are Testing Rapamycin to Find Out


Most people would do just about anything to extend the lives of their pets. And right now, researchers with the Dog Aging Project are testing a pill, rapamycin, that could do just that. It may sound far-fetched or too good to be true, but researchers are investigating whether a pill could help our dogs live … Read more

Study on evolution of same-sex animal behaviors underscores stigmas in research

same sex

A new study tracing the evolution of same-sex sexual behavior in mammals, using phylogenetic analyses, suggests these behaviors may have evolved in part to strengthen social bonding and relationships. Same-sex sexual behavior was observed in 261 species, which constitutes 4% of all mammal species; the research adds to a growing list of some 1,500 animal … Read more

Shih tzu in bow tie comforts mourning families at crematorium

shih tzu bow tie

A Nottinghamshire crematorium is using a comfort dog to help people deal with their grief. Maisie the shih tzu is providing a friendly face for mourners saying goodbye to their loved ones at Rushcliffe Oaks crematorium, near Stragglethorpe. She attends services, wearing a trademark bow tie, to offer “fuss and cuddles” to people who need … Read more