Dog Safety Tips for the Holidays

We consider our dogs to be members of our family, so it’s only natural that we include them in our holiday celebrations. You don’t want to forget about your dog during all of the holiday festivities, such as surprise visits from friends and family, holiday dinners, and other holiday customs you observe at home.

You’ll want to make sure your dog gets plenty of attention and love during this time, as well as include them, all while ensuring their safety.

Don’t be concerned if you’re worried about how you’ll get through the holidays safely. Here are four (4) simple guidelines to assist you to provide the best possible care and protection for your dog while still allowing you to enjoy the holidays.

  1. 1. Holiday treats are delicious but they can be dangerous

It doesn’t mean it’s safe for your dog just because it’s safe for you. Chocolates and other sweet treats that are toxic to dogs should be avoided. Because many of our foods are indigestible to dogs, it’s best to keep these holiday treats away from them. You should also avoid feeding them foods that are high in fat, such as turkey, ham, or side dishes. Even if a small piece of turkey is fine, overeating or using spices can cause gastric upset, which can result in bloating, pain, vomiting, loose bowels, or an upset stomach.

  1. 2. Christmas tree decorations are tempting for animals

Remember that dogs are attracted to things that can be easily nibbled, so make sure the lower portion of the tree has dog-safe decorations and ornaments. Tinsel, garlands, ribbons, popcorn strands, and Christmas balls are all pretty, but if your pet eats them, they can be dangerous. Keep these ornaments off your tree or hang them on the highest limbs where your pet can’t reach them.

  1. 3. Place items that you think are toxic out of their reach

Snow globes, scented candles, wrapped packages, and other Christmas decorations should be kept out of reach. Do not decorate the lower part of the tree with Christmas lights. Your pet may become entangled in the strands, and if they bite through the cord, they may be shocked.

4. Food and Water

If you’re spending the holidays away from home and want to bring your pet along, make sure to pack his or her regular food as well as plenty of freshwaters. Make sure you tell any relatives you’ll be bringing your pet and that they’re okay with it. If you’re staying in a hotel or other type of lodging, make sure it’s pet-friendly before you go.

With these simple steps, you can ensure that you and your dog have a wonderful holiday season together.

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