How to breed type & consistency by studying the pedigree of a french bulldog – A Breeder’s Guide

This is the colour-coded Pedigree of The NUMBER ONE BITCH, and also the Cream Puppy, for everyone who has asked me.

It is a very tightly line-bred pedigree with both parents being 3/4 siblings with 75% similar pedigree. French Bulldogs don’t usually breed true, and in order to capture TYPE & CONSISTENCY, one needs to line or inbreed. However, I would never advise anyone to attempt this, unless you are armed with the knowledge of the dogs in the pedigree and know the health testing. Breeding to loosely-bred dogs ( I call them the Heinz-57s) is often pointless that serves no real purpose.

Of course, sometimes you need an outcross. Remember that breeding and winning are 2 entirely different things, but it has always been my personal goal to achieve TYPE & CONSISTENCY litters after litters, and generation after generation, in both the whelping box and also the show ring, breeding on a very small select scale, and on a very exclusive basis.

Pedigree of a french bulldog

Article by Diane Burvee, French Bull Dog Breed Expert & Breeder

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