DocRoy's Daily Care multi vitamins and minerals




Doc Roy's Daily Care Extra is a dog multivitamin that features higher levels of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than original Daily Care. This multivitamin provides pregnant, nursing, stressed, sick or older dogs nutrients they may be missing due to lowered food intake or loss of appetite. This hand selected formula of 35 vitamins, minerals and fatty acids includes vitamin D3 and calcium for muscle and bone health; vitamins A, C and E for eyes; iron and zinc to support heart and brain function; and B vitamins to support energy levels. GREAT FOR – high energy, sporting, or working dogs; Extra nutritional support for dogs that are stressed, pregnant, or sick COMPLETE MULTIVITAMIN – supports a healthy immune system, muscle & bone health, eyes, heart & brain function and energy levels EXTRA – contain higher vitamin, mineral, and fatty acid levels than Doc Roy's Daily Care for extra support and care


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