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The Importance Of Regular Grooming

Regular grooming is important for your pet’s health and wellbeing, as well as their appearance. An untended coat can become long, matted, and uncomfortable for your pet. Grooming helps rid the coat of shed hair and dead skin while spreading natural oils. Clipping ensures the maintenance of a comfortable coat length to match the seasons and ensure your pet’s comfort. We recommend that you make grooming a regular part of your pet’s healthcare.

Why do I need to brush my pet?

Dead hair from the coat must be removed regularly. If not done routinely. your pet may start licking their coat to remove the dead hair. This overgrooming can cause hot spots, an intense and irritating itch whereby pets bite, chew and lick themselves extensively.

Most dogs love being brushed. It can be one of the most rewarding moments of friendship with your best friend.

When to start grooming

Start grooming your pet as a puppy. Choose times when they are tired and less energetic. Limit your grooming sessions to a few minutes, as young pets have short attention spans. Talk in a reassuring manner and check their ears, teeth, paws, and nails. Over time, your pet will become used to the grooming ritual and enjoy being handled and inspected. Offer them a tasty treat as a reward afterwards.

How to groom

Your pet’s coat may need a combination of clipping, combing, brushing, and bathing depending on their breed.

Gently comb and brush their coat in the direction of hair growth until tangle free. Various types of combs and brushes are available for different coats and degree of matting. If your pet has matted fur, please contact our Greencross Vets team for advice.

Bathing can be done in a bath or tub at home or in a temperature controlled hydrobath, you can find your local DIY Dogwash at Petbarn. Use a recommended pet shampoo suitable for your pet’s skin and coat type. If you’re not sure which shampoo to use, we can recommend one for pet.

Clipping may involve removing excess coat all over, or the removal of mats and tangles from problem areas. This is not always easy to do. Grooming is often best left to an experienced pet groomer who understands the needs of your pet. Professional groomers have the correct equipment to minimise the risk of cuts and deliver the best possible service. We can recommend a groomer, call us today.

Skin health is observed during clipping, combing, brushing, and bathing. Knowing what is normal for your pet is important. Changes like skin redness, scale, and lumps should always be reported to your vet when identified. Checking the mouth, teeth and gums is also an essential part of the grooming process. Any abnormalities should be investigated and discussed with your pet care team.

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