The Shih Tzu Club of Ghana Presents: Shih Tzu Day Out

In the framework of social and animal welfare, the Shih Tzu Club of Ghana is organizing a health walk dubbed “Shih Tzu day out”, to promote interconnection and wellbeing among pet owners and their furry companions alike.

Coming Thursday, 21/9/23 the group will embark on a walk from Ayi Mensah Toll Booth to Peduase with their Shih Tzus to socialize and thereafter, make donations to senior citizens at the Passion Home Care @Oyarifa .

The event is supported by Citi FM.

Any member or Shih Tzu fancier (anyone who owns a Shih Tzu or loves the breed but does not have a Shih Tzu) can join us for this project .

Kindly click on this to join if you will be available, thank you.

Shih Tzu Day out FAQs*

1.What is the Shih Tzu Day out?
Ans: It’s an initiative of the ShihTzu club of Ghana to connect Shih Tzu owners in Ghana to socialize their dogs, network, exercise and give back to society

2.When will the ShihTzu Day out be held?
Ans: Thursday 21/9/23 (Public Holiday in Ghana)

3.Where is the meeting point for the ShihTzu day out?
Ans: Ayi Mensah Toll Booth at 6am and we will start the walk to Peduase lodge

4.Who can come to the walk?
Ans: All ShihTzu club members, all ShihTzu owners in Ghana, ShihTzu Fanciers

5.Can a person come without a dog?
Ans: Yes

6. Can one come for the ShihTzu day out with another breed of dog other than a Shih Tzu?
Ans: No, there will be another day for all breeds walk,this day is a day earmarked for Shih Tzu and ShihTzu Fanciers only

  • What is the fee for the ShihTzu Day Out?
    Ans: The event is sponsored by the ShihTzu club of Ghana and thus free for everyone who attends. Come meet the best ShihTzu owners in Ghana and see adorable ShihTzu while we make donations to senior citizens
  • What do I do if I want to come?
    Ans: Call the number on the poster or join the WhatsApp group for the walk with a click
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