Hydra Pet Spa Senses Bliss Invigorating Booster 50ml


Hydra Pet Spa Senses Bliss Invigorating Booster is designed to be used as an enhancing additive to the Hydra Senses Bliss Conditioner. The Bliss Invigorating Booster features Aloe Vera extract to invigorate and hydrate the coat.

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Begin with Hydra Senses Dog Shampoo and follow up with Hydra Senses Bliss Moisturizing Serum and Hydra Senses Bliss Cologne.

* Mix with Hydra Senses Bliss Conditioner for extra softness and protection
* Lipoprotein complex hydrates and helps the coat to recover from damage
* Enhanced with coconut water extract, lipoprotein complex, sweet almond oil and aloe vera extract
* Provides recovery, hydration and nourishment of the skin and coat

COAT REPAIR: Our conditioner booster contains a unique formula and is a great treatment for extremely damaged coats. It helps lock in moisture, leaving your pet with a much healthier and deeply hydrated skin and coat.
DOG & CAT CONDITIONER BOOSTER: This enhancer is designed to be used with the Hydra Bliss Conditioner to boost results and repair damaged fur. It has salon-grade ingredients like aloe vera extract that assist in repairing and fortifying the coat.


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